Our Values & Aims

Our Values:

NI Conservatives seek to cherish freedom, advance opportunity and nurture responsibility. By trusting people, we help individuals grow stronger; by sharing responsibility, we help society grow stronger. We believe that there is such a thing as society, but it is not the same thing as the state. 

Our Party stands for a free society and a strong nation state; an opportunity society, not an overpowering state; a responsible society in which each person and every family regardless of position or power or wealth, is able to fulfil their potential, to make their own choices, and to find true and lasting happiness. 


Our Aims: 
1. To encourage enterprise in all its forms - in the economy and in the community - in order to raise living standards and the quality of life for all.  We believe that the enterprise of our people is the source of our progress, and that opening up opporunity is the best way to build a dynamic economy that creates wealth, eliminates poverty, and supports the public services and the social action upon which we collectively rely. 

2. To fight social injustice and help the most disadvantaged by building a strong society.  The test of a strong and just society is how it looks after the least advantaged - but this duty is not reserved for the state alone.  It is a shared responsibility: we are all in this together. 

. To meet the great environmental threats of the age, to enhance the environment and to increase general well-being.  We believe that there is more to life than money; that the beauty of our surroundings, the quality of our relationships and the sustainanability of our environment are central in building a striong and just society. 

. To provide first-class healthcare, education and housing that respond to the needs of each individual.  This is not the same thing as the state trying to run our great public services.  It is by trusting professionals and giving choice to parents, patients and families that excellence can be engendered through vocation, flexibility and local initiative.  

. To take a lead in ending global poverty.  Fighting global poverty is a moral obligation - a priority, not an afterthought.  It is also a vital contributor to our long-term security; a necessary counterpart of controlled immigration and an imperative we cannot ignore if we want stronger, more cohesive communities at home and abroad. 

. To protect the country we love: proud of our past; confident in our future.  We will never take for granted the security of our people, our institutions or our way of life.  We will not flinch from our duty to defend these birthrights in the face of internal and external threat.  We will be hard-nosed defenders of freedom. 

. To give power to people and communities, and to recognise the limitations of government.  Political power should always be exercised as close to people and communities as possible.  We believe in the United Kingdom and in the role of central government as a force for good, but we do not believe that it is through centralised government alone that we can change society for the better. 

. To be an open, meritocratic and forward looking Party.  We will represent all our country in all its diversity.  We recognise the need to change when necessary to serve our fellow citizens faithfully.