Local News

East Belfast Conservatives' Action Weekend

East Belfast Conservatives held a weekend of action involving over 20 acitivists listening to the views of constituents and canvassing support in the Stormont and Belmont wards of the constituency.

Pre-Christmas Social Evening

East Belfast Conservative Association invites all Party Members and Friends to a pre-Christmas Social Evening on 10th December 2015 for mulled wine, soft drinks, savouries, nibbles, mince pies, tea and coffee. 

Summer BBQ

East Belfast Conservatives invite you to their annual barbeque on Friday 26 th June 2015 at CIYMS Pavilion, Circular road, Belmont, Belfast at 7.30 pm 

So you want a Conservative Government?

Neil Wilson, Conservative Party Candidate for East Belfast in the forthcoming General Election, argues that a vote for the Conservative Party gets a competent government whilst voting for one of the local NI-only focussed Political organisations only stengthens their grip on their own local power, does no good for Northern Ireland and risks a Labour government.  

Sinn Féin rumours suggest Labour desperation - Neil Wilson

The Labour Party has reached “the point of desperation”, if it approached Sinn Féin with a view to forming a coalition after this year’s election, according to the Conservatives’ East Belfast PPC, Neil Wilson.  Neil made his comments after Pat Doherty MP claimed on Channel 4 News that his party had been ‘badgered’ by opposition front-benchers.

Crisis in hospitals caused by failure to implement reform

DUP health ministers have caused the current crisis in Northern Ireland’s hospitals by failing to follow through on reforms promised by ‘Transforming Your Care’ (TYC) argues Neil Wilson, Parliamentary Candidate for East Belfast

Coffee Morning 10th January 2015

East Belfast Conservative Association are hosting a Coffee Morning on Saturday 10th January 2015.  The guest speaker will be Steve Baker MP and all will be made welcome.