Prioritise Our Mental Health

It is unsurprising given the history of Northern Ireland that we struggle with higher rates of poor mental health. The legacy of the Troubles has cast a long shadow upon families from across this country, whether Unionist or Nationalist.

East Belfast: A voice on the sidelines?

The vote in East Belfast is being painted as a two horse race between Alliance and the Democratic Unionist Party. With many analysts portraying it as an opportunity to choose between two vastly different paths for the electorate, you would be forgiven for thinking this was a decisive vote.

An East Belfast MP, at the heart of UK Politics

The last Conservative MP for East Belfast, Gustav Wolff  is profiled here. It was a time of prosperity for not just the east of the City but indeed the whole of Belfast and further afield.  NI Conservatives are seeking to put East Belfast back at the heart of UK politics again and will be standing candidates at forthcoming local elections,

Suicide prevention in East Belfast

Roy Hobson, East Beflast spokesperson, argues that the recent increase of suicides in East Belfast can only be solved by looking at the greater community and all that work within it.