Brokenshire praises work of Conservatives on the ground in East Belfast

Following Friday's canvass session with local Conservative Candidate, Sheila Bodel in East Belfast, Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP said : “I am delighted to be here with fellow Conservatives who are working hard to ensure Conservative representation across the UK. I know there is much good work that goes on on the ground in Northern Ireland by local Conservatives, and am confident they will maximise their vote in the upcoming Assembly elections.”

Sheila Bodel has been on the campaign trail in East Belfast delivering the Conservative message.  She said, "the Conservative Party is a UK-wide national party and has had phenomenal electoral success in Scotland, Wales and England over the past couple of years.  We are looking to make a similar breakthrough in Northern Ireland on 2nd March, but we need your vote to achieve this.  In East Belfast vote Bodel number 1."